The Raid in Graphic Novel


JUBILEE Association has decided to invest in 2013 & 2014 in a graphic novel, vector reading, linking the image to the text to spread a story or story and inspire the imagination.
This communication will help to convey interest and all generations in the history of the Raid of 19 August 1942 on the coast of Dieppe
This project has received the approval of the membership during the last AGM of 22 February 2013 and it has become reality. 


Available in Memorial

since August 2nd !

The Story Line :

1913-1924 :

Two young canadians, one from Woodstock in English speaking Ontario and the other Montreal in the French province of Quebec grow up. They eventually meet in Canadian army during training which will bring both of them to England.

1939-1941 :

War breaks out, they leave Canada to be stationed in the south of England.

They meet up with other soldiers from all over Canada during their training period.

1942 :

Canadian, English, American and Free French troops regroup on the Isle of Wright and undergo intensive training. Edwin, Jacques and their comrades join their individual units.

The Commanders confirm that “Operation JUBILEE” is about to commence. Dawn breaks on the horizon as they approach the chalk cliffs along the coast of Dieppe and they discover the reality of the horrors of war.


Authors :

Scenario : Wallace

Made by :   M. Stéphan Agosto

Editor :

Association Normande de Bande Dessinée 
11, Avenue des Anglais - 76200 DIEPPE
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JUBILEE Association

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Mémorial du 19 Août 1942

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