2012 :

Launch of the Jubilee association website. Preparations for the 70th anniversary of the Raid.

2011 :

Mission statement and rules updated.

More and more French and foreign groups welcomed, as well as pupils and military schools from different nations.
Creation of an on-site shop(selling books and documents).
Mr Gérard Martine becomes our new president.
The staff is organized according different departments (communication, relations with Canadian authorities, archives, etc..)
Copyright registration of our logo and graphic charter at INPI (intellectual property).

2009 :

Refection work in the entrance hall of the museum by volunteers.

2008 :

Transfer of the main headquarters on site inside the Memorial (place Camille Saint-Saëns) thanks to Dieppe municipality.

2005 :

Mr Claude Gérard is elected president.

Creation of a committee and board of directors.
An auditor is appointed.
It is decided to open the Memorial for visitors, manned by volunteers during week-ends and public holidays in spring and autumn in addition to municipal employees during the summer.
Management of the Memorial.
Enhancement of the museum thanks to donations made by Allied regiments and by locals.
First edition of “Jubilee News” (yearly magazine).

Commemorations :

Participation of two aeroplanes from WWII and “la Patrouille de France” thanks to grant received from the “conseil général” and private donors (including Mrs Monique Miquel-Moncomble and Mr Marcel Diologent).

Ground display on the airfield by Normandy air memorial association.

Summer 2002 :

“Free day” in June and grand opening for the 60th anniversary of the Raid.

February 2002 :

Opening of the Memorial in the former municipal theatre.

End of 2001 :

The association is designated “maître d'oeuvre” in order to create a place of memory (see Memorial chapter).

1992 :

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Allied Raid.

Air show with 11 aeroplanes from 1942, thanks to grants from the “conseil général”, the chamber of commerce and private companies, which subsidised the expense of hosting numerous veterans’ families (850 people) using 146 local residents’ homes and in hotels.

End of 1989 :

The official Mission Statement was filed with the “sous-préfecture” and submitted to the “Journal Officiel”.

1989 :

Creation of the association by a group of residents eager to keep alive an important event in our local history: the Anglo Canadian Raid of 19th August 1942. 

The main aim of this association is to perpetuate the memory of the Allied soldiers who lost their lives on the beaches of Dieppe and the immediate vicinity.
In the beginning, the town hall of Sainte-Marguerite hosted the official headquarters.
Later on, others who were present in 1942, joined the association bringing our membership to 40. Today there are 120 members.