Our Goals


In 1989, a group of enthusiasts created an association bearing the code name assigned to the August 19th, 1942 “JUBILEE” Raid. Their goal was to maintain remembrance of this ill-fated military operation, dedicating their time and efforts to the memory of the participants.
In the early years, the association endeavoured to seek out and gather material, documents and witness testimonies concerning this horrific event of WWII. Later, this failed attempt will be remembered as the first step toward the liberation of Europe, according to comments made by a Canadian minister.
Privileged relationships have been developed with Canada and various foreign veterans’ associations. The Jubilee Association is closely involved in welcoming families during important anniversaries and commemorations.
The year 2002 brought the fulfilment of our primary goal, the final creation and installation of a museum named “19th August 1942 Memorial”.