German Ground Forces


The garrison was represented by the 302nd Infantry Division with a strength of about 2000 men ; half of them was responable to defend the town and the beach, the other half occupied different sites equipped with heavy batteries and various gauges on the 16 km of coast on both sides of Dieppe. This « littoral » territory was actually stuffed with blockhauses.
This regiment will be assisted by elements of the 571th Infantry Regiment.


Existing defenses :

  • The Berneval Battery named « GOEBBELS » served by about 250 men, equipped with 3 guns 170 m/m, 4 guns 105 m/m and 20 m/m Flak
  • The Puys Battery named « ROMMEL » equipped with 4 guns 155 m/m and 3 guns 88 m/m
  • The CALNON Battery named « HITLER » equipped with 4 guns 150 m/m and 3 guns 88 m/m
  • The FERME DES 4 VENTS(Janval) Battery named « HINDENBURG » equipped with French guns 75 m/m and light artillery.
  • The Varengeville Battery named « HESS » served by a hundred of men and equipped with 6 guns 155 m/m, 7 Flak 20 m/m

On DIEPPE pier and at the cliff’s feet and in several building of the sea-front were istalled many machine-gun nests and miscellaneous 37 m/m and 20 m/m guns.

It is admitted that if suprise effect had been successfull for the Allies, the situation would have hardly changed as the German troops were on manœuvre since a week and their reaction would not have been long to come.

IN THE ASSAULT OF THE 19TH OF AUGUST, the Germans will loose 591 men.