Fred Bennett nous a quittés

Nous apprenons par la fille D'Edwin Bennett le décès, le 10 mars dernier  de son oncle Fred, petit frère d’Edwin, lui aussi ancien combattant de la 2éme Guerre mondiale.

Message de Mary Jane, sa nièce...

I just learned that my uncle Fred died last Thursday March 10th. He was a quiet, retiring and humble man, my father's youngest brother and the last of a family of eight to pass away. One of the perks of caring for my father during the last years of his life, was that I got to know my uncle. He helped first when my mother died in a car accident and I was in India. Thereafter, he and my aunt Alice were always there to help me. I saw them often at various functions and he was always kind to my father, though my father could be hard to bear at times. He never stopped treating him as the 'little brother'. Uncle Fred lied about his age and joined the navy when just sixteen during WWII as most of his brothers and sisters were already in the services. He survived the Battle of Britian but rarely mentioned he was even there. An unassuming man, it was a gift to get to know him in his later years. True to his retiring style, there will only be a small service for his immediate family. And yet I'm sure the Navy Club in Woodstock Ontario are all mourning his loss. He was president off and on for many years, but ever humble, he was also often their cook. And what a great cook he was! He will be missed by many. Bev Yeo Joanne Noble Swain Rick Ranson

Notre administrateur Alain se fait notre interprète: 


Sincere condolences from all members of Jubilee Association in Dieppe (France). We keep the memory of veterans alive and our thoughts are also for your dear father Edwin Bennett, who was a great veteran of the Jubilee Raid on Dieppe in August 1942. We will remember them. 


Alain Caillet


Sincères condoléances de tous les membres de l'association du jubilé à Dieppe (France). On garde la mémoire des anciens combattants en vie et nos pensées sont aussi pour ton cher père Edwin Bennett, qui était un vétéran du jubilé raid sur Dieppe en août 1942.

On se souviendra d'eux.



Alain Caillet

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